At C3 we understand the pressures commercial real estate owners and investors face. Whether they are REITs, pension funds, insurance companies, or private investors, they must deliver results. C3 can help, with expertise and services that help them achieve their goals, while effectively managing risk.

Thinking like owners, acting on experience

Our knowledge of the ownership perspective comes from wide experience across the client spectrum. We know that for real estate investments, Capital Planning is fully dependent on the client’s strategic vision for the property. Is it a “long hold” or a “flip”? We understand the owner’s perspective, because we have been taking that perspective for more than 25 years.

Going long or short to achieve client goals

We tailor our services to the needs of each client. For example, REITs are under tremendous pressure to deliver high returns and dividends, often by acquiring, renovating and “flipping” properties quickly. We provide Due Diligence and Capital Planning to help them capture value at acquisition—and Development Advisory and Project Management services to achieve gains in a short time frame. For clients with longer time horizons, such as pension funds and insurance companies, we help them ride out market cycles and achieve long-term growth of their real estate capital.

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