Real Estate Investment Services

Assessing the essence of a building and its systems before a purchase is finalized is a critical step in the Real Estate Life Cycle. Our due diligence practice is known worldwide, due to our unique combination of technical and business know-how. Our teams of building technical specialists cover all facets—from MEP, roofs and facades to code/ADA/FHA, elevators and site. We complement their expertise with that of specialized geotechnical and environmental experts to provide comprehensive property condition assessments.

Inspecting and protecting

Our focus is on protecting our clients’ interests—whether they are REITs, pension funds, educational institutions, or foreign wealth funds. Sometimes that means delivering news that prevents a deal from moving ahead. Other times, our investigations arm clients with information that enables them to renegotiate the terms—often saving them millions. Or we provide insight that allows strategizing the technical or timing options to allow the deal to advance with full awareness of the costs to accurately underwrite the purchase.

Rolling up our sleeves

When performing property condition assessments, we get to know the infrastructure and underpinnings of a building—the roof, the building envelope, the elevators, every pipe and switch, every beam and window. Our professionals revel in being on site, getting their hands dirty. This thoroughness enables us to uncover critical issues others might overlook.

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