Banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, pension funds, and other lenders are in the finance business, not the building business. When a lender “takes back” a mortgaged property, C3 can assess the asset to help the lender dispose of the property and recover their investment expeditiously.

Optimizing property marketability

Our unique combination of financial and technical expertise comes into play when working with lenders. In addition to assessing the physical condition of the property, C3 can evaluate the scope and costs to improve its market position effectively. The result: a better price when sold and, often, a faster turnaround.

Managing risk with due diligence

Performing due diligence for lenders before the loan is funded is crucial for mitigating risk. As part of our Due Diligence work for lenders, we review the design plans and construction budget to determine if the scope of work is sufficient to meet the project goals and whether the budget is adequate to complete the work. When evaluating a property proposed for renovation, our professionals revel in being on-site, getting their hands dirty. This thoroughness helps ensure our clients have the insight needed to make an informed decision.

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