Expert planning before the deal is done and construction begins is essential to ensure every aspect of the project aligns with the strategic objectives of the prospective owner. Our exceptionally diverse skillset and capabilities make C3 the ideal partner for preconstruction planning and estimating on projects of all types and sizes.

Running the numbers

Drawing on our extensive development and financial expertise, we provide detailed estimating to validate a proposed project. By producing a conceptual development budget before a client invests significant time and money pursuing a project, we enable them to focus their resources on the most promising opportunities.

Objective sanity check

C3 can provide an independent, objective validation of every project element—from reviewing bids and budgets to vetting plans and schedules to verify cost and time assumptions. Serving as a trusted owner/investor advocate, we dig deep to identify potential issues or misalignments with our client’s goals.

Adding value early in the process

Drawing on our vast spectrum of services, C3 can enhance project planning by providing detailed cost estimates and schedules as they advance through design and entitlements. We can also provide value engineering to identify cost or risk reduction opportunities.