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Fire safety during building construction is a critical concern for urban fire departments nationwide. Before issuing a building permit, many cities require an impairment plan defining procedures to follow when fire protection systems are taken out of service during construction. You can rely on C3 to develop a comprehensive impairment plan designed to minimize life safety risks to workers on site, while ensuring compliance with local fire protection ordinances.

Expert planning, efficient delivery

Leveraging our technical knowledge of life safety systems and expertise in building construction, C3 develops detailed, practical impairment plans designed to reduce risk. Our extensive experience in creating impairment plans, together with our deep bench of fire protection experts, enables C3 to deliver timely, effective and compliant plans, minimizing delays in obtaining building permits.

Resolving problems proactively

A key advantage of working with C3 is our ability to proactively identify and resolve potential problems with fire protection and life safety systems during construction. Our team is skilled at trouble-shooting issues that could pose a risk during impairment and developing effective solutions to keep the project on track, without compromising safety.

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