Real estate development is all about timing: knowing the markets and undertaking the right project in the right place at the right time. Our grasp of both financial and technical issues, unique in the engineering industry, enables C3 to provide Development Advisory services that help developers make more informed decisions.

Understanding the developer’s mindset

Our development skill melds the financial with the physical—from dollars to roof decks. This understanding enables us to guide developers both in gauging the marketplace and in assessing the physical conditions of the site. We understand the big picture while keeping a firm grasp on the minutest detail.

Tracking the trends

Always mindful of the Real Estate Life Cycle, we know that a downturn in the real estate cycle can spell opportunity. Our deep understanding of construction market trends and material supply chains enables us to advise clients on the most advantageous time to contract for services and acquire materials.

Global vision, local knowledge

We have in-house knowledge of local code and zoning hurdles and have worked collaboratively with permitting attorneys on many projects. Our combined technical and financial expertise provides clients with the crucial strategic information needed to make key decisions.

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