Real Estate Investment Services

Does that new development plan make sense? Investors and sponsors of large projects turn to C3 for expert analysis of their new developments—from hotels, high-rises and apartment buildings to industrial parks and resorts. We provide objective, comprehensive due diligence of development plans, analyzing the details to ensure our clients’ interests are protected.

Diving deep

We analyze and validate every aspect of the development plan: the project team’s ability to execute, the experience and credentials of the design consultants, the contractor, the proposed construction cost and schedule, and more. We dig deep to identify any potential inaccuracies, gaps or issues that could impact project cost, timeline or feasibility. We provide the insight to make critical decisions on whether or not to move forward or to renegotiate the plan—saving costly missteps.

Proven expertise

C3 has extensive experience analyzing complex development projects in the $100 million to $1 billion range. Our deep expertise in every aspect of building design, construction, systems, and financing enables us to uncover critical issues others might overlook.