Complying with urban energy auditing requirements, such as Boston’s Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) and New York City’s Local Law 87, can be complex and time-consuming. C3 helps building owners navigate this complexity and assure compliance with comprehensive energy auditing services and energy efficiency strategies. We have the expertise and experience to help our clients meet their current and future energy goals without compromising profitability.

Valuable energy insight

C3 has extensive experience performing ASHRAE Level 1 Walk-through Audits and Level 2 Detailed General Audits. This information is useful when applying for LEED recertification or for developing strategies to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and operational costs. Our in-house expert construction estimators provide accurate budget estimates and our experience projecting energy use patterns and utility rates enables reliable cost/benefit analyses.

Implementing smart solutions

Once we’ve identified opportunities for improving energy efficiency, C3 can work with owners and operators to design and implement cost-effective solutions. Our Certified Energy Managers work with clients to develop a road map for improving efficiency and complying with applicable energy regulations. This includes maintaining building Energy Star portfolios and equipment replacement evaluations, and working with gas and electric utility companies to obtain the largest rebates and incentive payments.

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