We work exceptionally well with asset, property and facility managers because we understand their day-to-day pressures. Like them, we pay attention to the smallest details, are responsible for managing complex systems and substantial sums of money, and are answerable to demanding overseers. As with asset, property and facility managers, we assume the role of owner, pursuing our work with a firm view of the vision laid out for the property and its position in the Real Estate Life Cycle.

Understanding different roles

Property and facility managers tend to be day-to-day managers keeping the property running smoothly to maintain tenant and user satisfaction. By contrast, asset managers must step back and take a broader view to establish and execute a long-term vision for the property. At C3, we understand both perspectives and help each client achieve their goals, no matter what they are.

Helping managers serve owners

Asset, property and facility managers are accountable to owners, who are often under tremendous pressure to provide returns. At C3, we have an in-depth understanding of owners, be they REITs, pension funds, insurance companies, or private investors. This insight, in combination of technical and financial expertise, enables us to deliver solutions that meet the multi-layered objectives of all property stakeholders.

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