Defining a vision and hiring an experienced architect and contractor does not guarantee development success. C3 works to make sure the owner’s objectives are fully realized. C3 serves investors and developers seeking an experienced firm with broad expertise to represent them throughout project design and construction. We can serve clients in a variety of oversight capacities to provide assurance that their interests are protected.

A tireless advocate for owners

As owner representative, we take a leading role, assembling a top-notch team and ensuring the client’s interests are served at every step. We analyze the project scope, coordinate design, select contractors and subcontractors, and oversee bidding. We monitor every detail and authorize the spending of money as if it were our own. This approach has made C3 the owner representative of choice for institutional investors, public building authorities, developers, and educational institutions.

Ongoing project monitoring

C3 can also provide monitoring to ensure the owner’s interests are protected during construction. Our experts oversee construction progress to ensure development schedules and budgets are on-track and quality standards are met. If issues emerge, we notify the owner rapidly to enable early, effective intervention.

Clerk of the works services

Need “boots on the ground”? As clerk of the works, C3 provides skilled technical professionals to watch over day-to-day activities on-site. This satisfies requirements of local building departments that often require an independent person to track and report on progress, quality control and material issues that arise during construction.

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