Technical Services

Smoke control systems have become critical life safety elements in high-rise buildings, mandated by the International Business Code (IBC). To ensure their effectiveness, these systems must be inspected and recertified on an annual basis, or more often in some jurisdictions. C3 helps ensure building safety and code compliance with comprehensive testing and certification services for smoke control systems.

Identifying and diagnosing issues

C3 has the fire protection (FP) credentials, mechanical systems expertise and knowledge of applicable codes and standards to perform thorough testing of all types of smoke control systems, including both pressurization and exhaust systems. Our deep technical understanding of smoke control system design and operation enables us to effectively diagnose problems and provide cost-effective remedies.

Inspecting new systems

C3 also provides code-mandated special inspections of life safety systems for new construction. Our fire protection experts and MEP engineers ensure that all components of life safety systems meet applicable codes and standards, and are properly installed, tested and certified. We pay attention to the details to help clients avoid potential delays in receiving occupancy permits.

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