Updating mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEP/FP) systems as part of a major renovation or capital planning makes sense—if it’s done right. C3 can help building owners make informed decisions on when and how to replace systems, based on a thorough study of the existing infrastructure and building requirements. We’re proud that the owners of Boston’s largest mixed-use development chose C3 to study its central power plant to inform its long-term capital planning, then hired us to engineer its replacement.

In-depth assessment

Our experienced engineering team performs a comprehensive study to assess the existing equipment’s actual remaining lifespan—not just what the book says it should be. Then we prepare a detailed report examining all the pros and cons, and options for replacing the equipment—including the cost of replacement, the risks of waiting, and the potential disruption during installation. We know that simply replacing the equipment in kind is not always the best approach.

Executing on the plan

Once the study is complete, C3 can put the replacement plan in motion. This offers the advantage of having the same experienced professionals who conducted the feasibility study perform the engineering and manage the bidding and installation of the new systems. Throughout the process, our goal is to deliver an MEP/FP infrastructure that meets current and future needs while minimizing risk, operational costs and disruption.

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