For educational institutions, their real estate assets—from classroom buildings and libraries to dorms and dining halls—play a crucial role in their mission. This requires an ownership mindset measured not in years, but in decades. C3 understands this perspective, having served an impressive list of institutions seeking to build and preserve the educational value of their real estate assets.

Balancing short-term and long-term needs

For educational institutions, Capital Planning is especially critical. A capital plan must address both urgent and long-term issues to achieve institutional goals. We understand the complexities created by endowments, which can be formed into different funds and allocated to certain project types—such as residential, dining, classroom and arts facilities. We help schools plan for their capital needs, with a clear understanding of funding realities.

Melding educational and commercial goals

C3 has served public and private institutions of all sizes, at all educational levels. Based on this experience, we understand that certain properties merge the qualities of educational institutions and commercial real estate. Many institutions own property that satisfies institutional goals, while also serving as income-producing real estate. Our vast experience in both the institutional and commercial realms gives C3 the necessary owner’s perspective and capabilities to achieve complex, multi-layered property goals.

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