Technical Services

The building envelope plays a crucial role in meeting energy efficiency goals, protecting occupant health and ensuring long building life. A compromised building envelope can be an owner’s worst nightmare. C3 has the expertise to evaluate your building envelope to assess its condition and performance, and to provide a practical approach for areas requiring mitigation.

Hands-on evaluations

Our engineers are certified to hang from building facades and personally inspect everything—from cladding and windows to roofs, skylights and waterproofing membranes. We collaborate closely with architects during design with peer reviews and perform quality control inspections during construction.

Strategic perspective

We educate owners on their building’s physical condition within the context of their strategic vision for the asset. We look at all the options and our client’s business goals. As a result, our recommendations may be substantially different for a client planning to hold a building for three years versus a city or institution planning to own the property in perpetuity.

Clarifying the complex

Our team is adept at explaining complex technical issues to non-technical real estate professionals, including investment managers, real estate managers, boards, and lenders. We help clients understand the critical nature of building envelope issues. And we employ the latest thinking and technology to ensure their building is sealed properly—with zero tolerance for errors.

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