Our People

Jeffrey Creteau

Executive Advisory Consultant
E: jcreteau@c3boston.com
T: 617.330.9390

Jeff is an experienced senior project manager and clerk of the works. His ability to properly decipher contract documents and project requirements, together with his inspectional skills and knowledge of construction assemblies, bring value to our development clients. For clients in need of expert observation of ongoing work, Jeff provides assurance that the project is built to the design standards as set forth in the project documents.

Jeff’s responsibilities are wide-ranging, including ensuring the quality of materials and workmanship, detailed record-keeping, onsite daily inspections and checklists, reporting monthly job progress to city agencies, observing materials and systems testing, equipment startup, punch list, and resolving any issues during building startup.

Jeff attended Hesser College and New Hampshire Technical College and gained broad experience from his many years working in the construction industry.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys hockey, fitness, biking, hiking, and reading about current events.