Our People

Adam Macsata, EIT P.E.

Fire Protection Engineer/Code Consultant
E: amacsata@c3boston.com
T: 617.330.9390

Adam is a member of our code consulting and due diligence teams. His knowledge of a wide range of codes and standards helps our clients achieve timely, cost-effective solutions during building design, construction and renovation. His knowledge includes building, life safety, fire, plumbing, mechanical, ADA/accessibility, and energy codes in Massachusetts and nationwide.

Adam uses his engineering experience to help clients develop compliance alternatives when it is not possible or practical to meet the code. He also works with our due diligence team to survey buildings for fire protection, life safety, building code, and accessibility compliance. His expertise enables clients to make fully informed decisions about the buildings we survey.

Adam holds a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and is pursuing a master’s degree in fire protection engineering, both from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

An avid hockey fan, Adam has been playing almost his entire life. In the past few years, he has taken up running and sailing.