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Complying with codes and your strategy

One of the most challenging facets of any project is gaining knowledge of all applicable local regulations. Building codes can vary widely from one state or municipality to another due to regional considerations—such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes. Fire safety regulations, zoning and ADA compliance can often vary due to local amendments. Rules for new building construction are different than those for existing buildings undergoing renovations. C3 has the expertise to navigate these complexities.

Strategic Approach to Codes

Our approach to codes and regulations is unique in the industry. Our code consulting team is headed by a former city building official with more than 25 years’ experience in code and regulatory compliance. We frame every code and regulatory decision around the stage of the Real Estate Life Cycle that the building is in—and the owner’s real estate strategy. We advise clients not just on what has to be done, but also on what does not have to be done—crucial insight to help prioritize actions.

Advising the Code Creators

We don’t just know, articulate and follow the codes—we help write them. Working as part of an industry advisory panel, C3 has sponsored amendments or rewritten codes which placed onerous burdens on building owners and investors. This intimate involvement in the profession has helped C3 forge long-term relationships with government officials— proprietary access that benefits our clients.