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Creating a solid financial strategy

Capital planning lays out a clear strategy for funding major repairs or improvements to a building. At C3, we understand that different clients and properties have varying capital planning needs. Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with each client to frame a financial plan within the context of the owner’s vision for the property.

C3 has extensive experience developing capital planning solutions for Educational Institutions and for Owners and Investors in commercial real estate.

Education: Long-Term View

Educational institutions and municipalities generally plan to own buildings in perpetuity. For these clients, we create capital plans that address both urgent issues and long-term goals. We understand the complexities created by endowments, which can be allocated to certain project types. Our expertise in this area has enabled us to consult with prestigious New England private schools.

Commercial Real Estate: Near-term Perspective

With real estate investors, the hold periods tend to be finite. For institutional investors envisioning a holding period of a decade or more, capital planning may be focused on specific goals—such as upgrading an office building’s profile from a class “B” to a class “A” property. Other investors are more interested in aggressively timing the market and “flipping” an asset for a substantial profit. C3 focuses on each owner’s objectives, creating a plan for executing this vision and communicating the options, costs, and exit strategy impacts related to all decisions.