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LEED and Sustainability: Practical Platinum Solutions


C3 was engaged to provide sustainability consulting for a large, new children’s social services facility in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The project included a complete gym and fitness center, together with facilities to support a variety of recreational, educational and community programs. Originally tasked with incorporating energy efficiency and other sustainable features, we ultimately agreed to help the client achieve the highest LEED certification possible. A key challenge was how to incorporate design changes to maximize the building’s LEED rating, without creating an undue financial burden.


We worked closely with the owner and the design team to develop creative strategies for improving sustainability cost-effectively. Highlights included:

  • The entire roof area was furnished with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.
  • The building was redesigned to increase energy efficiency.
  • To support the client’s educational mission, we added a see-through panel so the children could see firsthand the building’s sustainable measures, including the denim insulation inside the wall.
  • A child-friendly interactive touchscreen monitor was located in the lobby to allow children to view the PV panels on the roof and see a real-time reading of how much electricity was being harnessed from the sun.


Upon completion, the facility achieved the highest level of LEED certification available, Platinum. In addition, the children of Bridgeport had a modern, new recreation resource designed to engage them in the move to more sustainable solutions.