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LEED and Sustainability: Going from Silver to Gold


Our client, developer of a 26-story residential high-rise in Boston, wanted to ensure the project was LEED certified. C3 was engaged to replace the former LEED administrator. The challenge was to create a plan to move affordably from LEED Silver to Gold certification.


The C3 managed the entire LEED process. We presented strategies to the owner for achieving the LEED objectives while adding value to the project. One of those strategies—enhanced commissioning—was selected, despite the fact that it would not result in any additional LEED credits to be earned, due to timing. However, we felt strongly that it was worthwhile due to the “added value” principle.


The project earned the credits required for Gold certification. Our ability to perform enhanced commissioning helped ensure that all functional specifications for the project were achieved, resulting in a building that is both sustainable and performs as intended. The enhanced commissioning resulted in a smooth transition for the building management, enabling them to take control of the building with all the bugs eliminated.