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Capital Planning: Creating a Roadmap for Improvement


Following a prolonged period of deferred maintenance at its campus, a private school recognized the need to rectify the problem. The school engaged C3 to inspect the campus buildings and grounds and prepare a capital needs assessment and budget.


The C3 engineering team performed a comprehensive, inside-out technical inspection of the entire campus—including academic, housing and athletic buildings and grounds. Then we worked with school decision-makers to prioritize the capital needs based upon the school’s goals and funding limitations. We also collaborated with the school’s development group to help create a fundraising campaign specifically targeted to preservation of the campus buildings and grounds.


The school now has a short- and long-term capital planning tool to help them maintain the campus into the future. The development effort, with C3 support, proved very successful as has enabled a proactive approach to maintaining the campus. C3 now oversees the yearly capital projects and provides regular updates to the capital plan.